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My top ten least favorite looks from the 2013 Golden Globes red carpet. 

Lena Dunham- If she felt comfortable in that dress she sure as hell didn’t look it. A different style dress would have suited her better (maybe a new stylist, too).

Marion Cotillard- Great color but the waist just disappears.. didn’t care for it. It’s an odd length as well.

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig- Hated this dress. And take those damn sunglasses off.

Halle Berry- Another I flat out hated. If it didn’t have the peek-a-boo hip it’d work a little better for me.

Giuliana Rancic- Eye makeup was off for me and I can’t stand velvet.

Sienna Miller- It’s like a 90s flashback.. big let down for me.

Eva Longoria- There is so much happening here. Too much. And a lot of skin.

Sarah Hyland- It reads prom to me, especially with that hair. Her chest is trying to escape in that dress.

Kaley Cuoco- Girl.. that makeup.

Katharine McPhee- The thing that bothers me most are those shoes, or lack thereof.

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